How To Choose

Please find some of the points you may wish to consider when choosing the right vehicle to suit your business and personal needs.    We would be delighted to offer any assistance, and go through your requirements with you on an individual basis.


You can either look at the guidance below and send us your answers via email  or call on 01527 524 418  and go through them with us – rest assured we will find the right van for you. Of course if you already know the van you want, simply call and we will run a quote for you.    


1. What is the main cargo that you carry?

2. Do you carry the same cargo all  the time?

3. What is your current vehicle?

4. What do you like/dislike about it?

5. Is your current vehicle used to full capacity (weight /volume) all of the time?

6. How many miles do you anticipate the vehicle covering annually?

7. Is the vehicle used locally or nationally?

8. Is the vehicle used for multi-drop deliveries?

9. Does the vehicle travel to new locations on a regular basis?

10. Is the vehicle used as a mobile workshop or for storage on site?

11. Do you carry piping, sheet material (MDF/Plasterboard etc.) or ladders?

12. Do you require any specialist equipment fitted to your vehicle?

13. Do you carry a payload or is the vehicle used for transporting staff and personal equipment?

14. How many people travel regularly in the vehicle?

15. Do you require specific colour and/or signwriting?